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Forklift 101 - Part 1

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The Many Advantages of Utilizing Tankless Hot Water Heater

МЦ Медиана – центр инновационных медицинских технологий в г. Таганроге

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Starting over...

Wow, it's been a long time since I first started this, huh? Anyways, my initial plan for this blog never took off, so I deleted my old intro post from 2018. But yeah, this is gonna be a fresh new start for me! First, I'd like to reintroduce myself. You may have seen me around the Internet as "Starstorm_X1" or some permutation of it (sometimes there's an underscore, sometimes there isn't; that usually depends on if the site allows it or not, but I usually add the underscore if I'm allowed.) I'm not too keen on "traditional" social media, and I usually prefer long-form blogs like this. (Also, I couldn't find a good WriteFreely instance with an up-to-date version.) I'm kind of a young geek well versed in tech (especially vintage tech!) and gaming, so expect most of the stuff I write here to be about either of these things! (Given Plume's ability to create multiple blogs, I might split those off into their own blogs.)